Our clients are very happy with the care we provide and trust us to do the best. Here are a few of their comments:

"When adopting Pablo the Chihuahua Cross who has had trouble getting on with other dogs I was really worried about leaving him with anyone at all. Having met Annie when a friend was dropping off her dog over Christmas, I knew that I only wanted him to stay with her. Pablo was booked in and I was nervous but happy.  After speaking with her and discussing his flaws, I was very relieved and thankful for her time and reassurance.

Annie, thank you so much for being so efficient, professional and thoughtful. I went away knowing that Pablo was in the best of hands and the photos and updates were much appreciated.  It was so lovely to meet someone who was as mad about animals as I am and you have helped me with sorting out his little traits. You offer the best dog sitting service I know of and Pablo is one happy little boy after his stay with you. We will definitely see you again."

Anna McKinnon


"Hi, my name is Tui and I am on my way to spend my holidays with Annie the Dog Nanny and all my friends. I was adopted by my parents Dave and Lyn almost two years ago. My family have always sent me to Annie's where it is so cool, and I have lots of friends to play with, as well as getting lots of hugs and affection. There is no place I would rather be for my holidays.“

Lyn Sneddon

"That we drive up from Auckland to leave our dogs with Annie the Dog Nanny, folk  think we are insane and

our dogs spoilt.  The reality is our three dogs are loved and cherished by us and that's what we want for them

when we are not with them... along with knowing they are in a secure and interesting environment and in

good hands.  It's all about peace of mind and knowing that they are in the next best place to home."

Jamie Muller





"Location, perfect for us -  on the way to Bay of Islands Airport but particularly as site is a long way from the  road with no risk of canine escape. We’ve used other kennels before - smelly wired runs with a patch of concrete and promises of daily exercise.  Annie’s place is NOT a kennel but a hotel  where guests have the run of the house and grounds even sleeping indoors.  Possibly dog heaven would be a better description, all the comforts of home,  with the added bonus of other dogs to play with.  Regular walks on site with someone who really cares.  We E-mailed asking after our hound’s health and got a photo in return. He really didn't want to come home, sure misses all the extra attention he got from Annie and her other guests."

Les and Jenny Read


"Thanks very much for looking after Rusty and Mika.  It was great to see them again today.  They are looking really good.  We want to continue a good diet for them - can you please tell me what and how much you were feeding them? You mentioned Mika should have just one meal a day - what time do you suggest?
Rusty looks really tired and must be worn out from all that freedom of running around with other dogs.  Mika is still expecting her treats after a toilet break but we are going wean her off that to keep her good figure:-)"

Shannon and Mia Walker


"When we are away on vacation, Annie the Dog Nanny is the only person we would leave our two dogs with. We are certain they receive as good of care, if not better, than what we give. Our two small dogs always come back looking healthy, clean and well fed (But not overfed!) I love that she texts me photos of my dogs throughout my holiday so I can see what they’re up to!

I highly recommend Annie. She will treat your dogs like her own."

Lorna Ladd


Tane Nui dreaming of his next visit to Annie the Dog Nanny. Tane loves Annie!!!


Dave, Dale and Tane Nui.